My work focuses on exploring the human figure both physically and internally and their relation to one another. I create my work in many formats including oil acrylic and watercolor on canvas, acid on copper, and animation. I prefer to work at a large scale as this allows my own body to be part of the art making process. My inspirations vary from the struggle between individuals , society and culture, to more internal issues exploring the body's role and symbolism in the present, in sleep, in death and in its beginnings.



2015                                       The Brewery Art Walk Open Studio Los Angeles


2014                                        National Night Out: Artist Booth

national night out

2014                                          Working on new copper piece


2013      -UPDATE: I am traveling Australia  and South East Asia for a year between Sept 2012 and Sept 2013. I will be relocating in LA, CA where i hope to continue my work and finish my (4 year in the making) animation Samsara. Hopefully by the end of 2013 I will have a new series to share.










2012                                      Sullivan Galleries: Bachelor of Fine Arts Show SAIC


                                             Gold Coast Art Fair Booth (Grant Park Chicago), July 9th and 10th


2011                                       Gallery Guichard: Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series Exhibition of Chicago 


                                            Chicago Obittyfest July 1st


                                            Chicago Fringe artist networking night April 9th (Exhibited 4 pieces)

fringe .png

                                              Chris Sullivan’s The Outer Giants and Their Moon: Rinofest Prop Theater

                                              Chicago  (background and sets)   


2010                                  Aroma Cafe exhibition space San Rafael CA Arts on Fire Pacifica CA - 



Aroma cafe show .png

2009                                Marin county Fair Portfolio (Best of Show)


2007                                Congressional Art Competition

                                         Rising Stars CA